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Member Western Association of College Admission Counselors
I was the first in my family to apply to college.
  Ann guided me through the process and helped me apply to a school that was a great fit for me. I got my Bachelor’s degree in four years and financial aid to help!  - Ronan Debelius, Chaminade University Class of 2011
Put our expertise to work for you. At Carina College Admission Counseling, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the individuals and community we serve in Sonoma and Marin Counties.
"The information provided at college night was invaluable..."
Ann presents at local College Information Nights to assist all students in the search for the right path for their higher education. 
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"Carina College Admission Counseling listens and helps students apply to schools where they will be successful. We were very happy with the results."
News and Reviews for Carina College Admission Counseling
"I felt secure making decisions with Ann....
She was neither overpowering with her advice, nor too shy to offer critical information. I have never encountered someone with such educational acumen as Ann." 
- Jason Fauss - who received full merit scholarship and admission to top US colleges.
"I cannot thank you enough for your time and effort...
It is because of you that I survived what many call the abyss of senior year. You've saved me from so many horrors: not finishing essays on time, being stressed constantly or fighting with parents - instead, I finished my essays early, I was only stressed half the time, and my parents and I share a closer relationship than ever, unburdened by all of the stress that could have been. - a current student at UC Berkeley