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Member Western Association of College Admission Counselors
Senior Year College Admission Essay Consulting
Carina College Admission Counseling Services
Transfer Students and Senior Year Admission Process and College Match Services
Comprehensive Services for Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors
Assist students with brainstorming and review of essays required for applications.  Provide feedback on main essay and supplementary questions in common application and specialized application.

$ 135 per hour
At Carina College Admission Counseling, I take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. 

I provide a variety of services including:
Planning for Admissions should start during your Junior year of high school, with the following services

Develop list of prospective colleges based upon your accomplishments, goals and desires. 
Create timeline for admissions – early decision options and public and private school requirements and testing.
Essay topic brainstorming and review of required essays for each application. Feedback on essays.
Navigate deferred admissions, waitlisted admissions and the financial aid process.

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Starting early in the high school experience, I can provide guidance to make certain that you are prepared and present yourself well to colleges that would be a good fit for you.  Starting the process before your Senior year gives you an advantage in the application process. I provide:

  • Ongoing review of transcripts, standardized test scores and assistance with strategies and timing of academic and extracurricular activities to fully highlight student’s interests and abilities
  • Suggestions for pursuing opportunities outside of your high school & summer opportunities.
  • Development of initial list of colleges to research and visit.
  • Calculation of Estimated Family Contribution and estimates of out-of-pocket costs for various schools.
  • Senior year admission package included.
Please contact us for the price of a plan ahead package - they are more reasonable than you might think!